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                       WELCOME TO  CHIOMA   

I am grateful to Lord for my  musical talent and pianist knowledge. I would like to thank my family and  friends for the continuous  support, help, and warm encouragement. Also a special thanks to all the members of the  group Chioma. May God bless you guys. Thanks for your patience and time these past years.

I realized that practicing is not forced labor. I discovered that inspiration, patience, clarity, balance, and the search for ever greater joy in movement and expression: this is what practice is really about. Every piece of music presents new difficulties each time we practice.

I wish to encourage other musicians to trust their experience. Passion and intelligence are the keys to joy, productive practicing, and powerful performing. Many musicians remember the moment when they first recognized music in their lives. Everybody starts in music as a listener. As young children we hear music with freshness and delight. We fall in love with it and are entranced by simple songs.

I became interested in producing music after sitting and enjoying it. I make  the music sound how I think it should because of my knowledge. The same is true for anybody who loves music, even if a piece is extremely sad. I feel joy in the ability to experience and express such powerful emotions. One of the greater challenges of making music is to maintain my cool in the heat of our passion and joy. Music is the direct of communication from the performer to the person listening. Music was originally created to worship God. My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord and all music shall bless His name for ever and ever. Thanks for your taking time to read this.

May  God bless you and keep you safe always, may your dreams be bigger than you fears.